How to book an appointment?

  • Click on BOOK NOW in the top navigation bar
  • On the booking page, choose a service and your preferred appointment date. Click NEXT to proceed.
  • On the cart section you can click on BOOK NOW to add more services and or time slots to your cart. Click on the pencil icon to edit the respective service, and click on the trash icon to delete the service. Click NEXT to proceed
  • On the details section enter your details and click next to complete the booking.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you.

NB: If it is your first time booking on trapghana.com, what you enter in the Name/Company field will be your username. A password will be automatically generated for you.

How to setup an account?

Accounts are automatically generated for clients who book on the trapghana.com website for the first time. Account details are automatically emailed to the client after booking is completed.

How to cancel an appointment?

Appointments can be cancelled through one of these two ways:

  • Cancelling by clicking the cancellation link emailed to you in your appointment confirmation email.
  • By logging into your account and cancelling it on your Appointments History page.

NB: To access your Appointments History, login and click on Your Bookings on the top navigation bar.

How to attach a file (eg. script) to be used during your appointment?

After completing a booking, an appointment confirmation email will be sent to you. Click on the Attach a file link in the email to to be directed to the attachment page. On the page, follow the prompts to send us a file and/or Voice ID.

How to request for a re-edit of an existing TRAP project?

  • Login and go to the Appointment History page.
  • Locate this message: “Click here to request an edit of an existing T.R.A.P project.”
  • Click on the link to go to the edit request page.
  • On the Edit Request page enter the correct booking ID of the work you want to edit.
  • Attach a file (eg. the re-edited script) and any additional info if any and click the the submit button to complete the edit request process.

What is a booking ID?

A booking ID is the unique identifier of an appointment session. Booking IDs are emailed to the client in the appointment confirmation letter. Kindly keep it in safe place or always remember as you will need it when using other services. (Eg. Requesting a re-edit of an existing TRAP project, attaching a file to your session, etc.)